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Nikon's Small World Competition SMALL WORLD 2015
Celebrating 41 years of excellence in photography through the microscope, The Nikon International Small World Competition is dedicated to furthering creativity and excellence in photomicrography. Combining microscopy and photography, a photomicrographer is able to capture an image of the world that the naked eye cannot see. Take a moment to browse the Small World galleries and have a look at our past winners.

Fluorescence Microscopy
Digital Eclipse Gallery
Fluorescent Proteins
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Normal African Green Monkey Kidney Fibroblast Cells (CV-1 Line) - The intracellular relationship between the cytoskeletal filamentous actin network and mitochondria was visualized with the use of synthetic probes.

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Fluorescent Protein Sensors Explore how fluorescent proteins can be coupled to bio-active peptides to sense biochemical events through resonance energy transfer (FRET).